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For festival performances you are going to get 100% ORIGINAL Tanya Lipscomb music served up with a healthy splash of uplifting joyful tunes, a dash of social justice, a dallop of loop pedalling and a pinch of grandiose theatrical performance.   This show is an interactive, humourous, beat boxing, multiple instrument-laying, guitar-slaying musical explosion sung with positive INTENTION and LOVE!


Bars and pubs get a lot more blues, funk, rock and folk rock classics.   70% COVERS. 30% ORIGINALS. Think Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Bill Withers, Nina Simone, Elton John, Don McLean, Stompin' Tom, Janis Joplin, Ben Harper and more of the LEGENDS!  I get the crowd singing and clapping, stomping thier feet and dancing! And I throw in some obscure classics as well as some originals to keep it fresh.


Jazz club shows are a profound pleasure for me! 60% STANDARDS.  40% ORIGINALS.

I simply ADORE playing an entire evening of jazz!!! Scatting is my most favoured and treasured musical experience and expression. The sheer pleasure I encounter when performing original or standard jazz compositions from the 20s through the 70s (standards and obscure), is an unprecedented wonder and glory!   Creating vastly deep pockets with scales so fleeting, surrounded by world-class improvisors is my freshest breath of air in life!  The 20s through the 40s are my passion.


A heck of a lot more folk/roots/soul in a coffee house performance.  I expose my vulnerability and wear my heart on my guitar strings and I'm most likely wearing a toque.  This is  when I let the introspective, thought provoking, story-teller songs escape. There is a high possibility of some conscientious hip-hop and some spoken word to improvisational jazz.  Of course, what is a good coffee shop show without a grand story or two from adventures on the road, touring or hitch hiking across Canada?



You want live music in the background to create a beautiful ambiance with a remarkable experience.  I'm wearing a beautiful dress and playing jazz standards, acoustic classics, subtle blues and smooth originals softly in the corner of your event or restaurant.  It's simple, sexy, classy and enticing.  

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