My recording studio is here to provide opportunities for children, youth and adults of all abilities and financial background to create a lasting legacy of CREATIVITY!  Empower youth  with creative expression, emotional support and accomplishment, and we will see confidence, strength of character and cooperation in our future leaders.



*Over 20 years of composing, performance, touring and music industry experience

*Over 10 years of recording experience, and 5 years of producing experience

*Target genres include pop, jazz, soul, R&B, Country, funk, hip hop, rock, blues and childrens music

*Over 30 instruments on location to add to tracks, as well as access to session players across Canada

*Professional background vocalists with different tonal qualities

*Mics and hardware for everything you need to record (with the exception of drumsets)

*Song writing support, co-producing and co-writing services

*Guidance for CD Release promotional planning, press kit, web presence and rights registry

*Support and venue contacts across Canada for BOOKING A TOUR



I am currently working on locating and applying for funding and grants to subsidize the studio time.  Until I secure funding, here are my personally subsidized rates:


*Base rate of $20/hour  (recording/producing/additional tracks)


*Special rates for SPECIAL circumstances

(Present to me your written dream, and I will try to make it happen)


*SPECIAL PACKAGE- 3 song DEMO Cd with full production for $500 

Package includes:    *high res photo shoot

                                     *high quality live performance video

                                     *support composing performance resume/promo material